Beach Please

Missing Boracay already. All the fun and weird stuff me and my friends did, all the pigging-out moments, the “Baka mahulog log log log” line whenever there’s something that might or about to fall. Oh I miss them all. #Sepanx

So as to express what I’m feeling right now, I came up with this “Express the feeling this summer” look. Haha! We all know that summer is a season for shorts. So I chose my comfiest shorts, paired it with a light and breezy statement shirt and for me not to look in my “pambahay” I wore a pair of white striped socks that matches my sneakers and of course a pair of sunglasses that will protect my eyes from the UV rays of the sun—it’s not bad to invest sometimes in some quality stuff, function needs to come first before fashion remember that. To finish it off and to add prep to the look I threw in a sweater that I draped over my shoulders.


I wore: shirt (Eyestee), pullover (Folded and Hung), shorts (Good Guys), sunnies (F21 Men), socks (Bench), sneakers (Converse), watch (Casio)


So by wearing this shirt I can express my feelings right now. Have I?



As you can see, I tried playing with my hair. Since next week I’ll be cutting it off because I want to look neat and clean when I apply for a job. So uhm, do you like my Jake Cuenca’s Passion De Amor hairstyle? Or or.. More like Matt Healy’s hairdo? Haha!



Photos by Rigo Sarabia

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