Dressing Down

It’s been a while since I last posted an outfit. I’ve been working really hard this past few weeks (would you believe me? Haha!) that’s why I wasn’t able to update my blog on a weekly basis. Yup, my work is pretty much sucking the life out of me good thing I could still catch up with my bros during weekends. Well I guess there is no easy job if it ain’t hard you’re not working at all.

As for my outfit, there’s nothing fancy here. I just really love matching. So I matched the weather since it’s a bit gloomy my outfit here is pretty much gloomy as well. When I say gloomy it’s all about neutral, monotone, easygoing, relaxed or laid back. Just plain stuff no overlaying or something.

I wore: shirt (The Manly Code),  DIY ripped jeans (Folded & Hung), watch (Casio), cap (Under Armour), sneakers (Nike)


I just felt the need to flex it cause my shirt is so hardcore.  The Manly Code is a newly opened online shop here in Manila that sells a wide variety of stuff for men. Be sure to check out their page!




Don’t be afraid to dress down, don’t mind what others might say about you, you’re not impressing them. Dressing up is all about expressing yourself and If you already are, KUDOS to you my friend.

Photos by Rigo Sarabia

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