Go Extreme at The Dew Nation HQ Adrenaline Park

If you’re a frequent reader of my blog you’ll know how much I love adventures and extreme activities such as cliff diving, doing tricks on my BMX, riding brakeless with my fixie, acrobatics and hopefully sky diving soon at Cebu Yay! We all know that extreme sports comes with extreme risks. Did you know that I gained numerous scars, dislocated my left shoulder while attempting  a 360 bunny hop on my BMX bike and almost hit a car while riding brakeless on my fixie. So why do I still do these stuff even though the risks are pretty much dangerous? Simply because I want to push myself while you say “I could never do that” and it gives me some kind of satisfaction by putting my life on the line. The sweet adrenaline rush makes me feel more alive. Yup I might be crazy pero parang love lang yan without pain, without heartbreaks, without risks you’ll never learn. Haha! If you want to achieve something, all you need to do is try and don’t quit of course. If you quit, all your efforts from the beginning will be wasted.

Want to learn how to do basic BMX and skateboard tricks or ride a 4×4 ATV on an extreme race track? You can all do that now at the first ever adrenaline park here in the Philippines brought to you by Mountain Dew PH called Dew Nation HQ for FREE! Yes for free, you read that right. It’s open to all adventurous and adrenaline-seeker people like me. So I went there last Friday and I must say I really did had fun participating and doing almost all the activities. I even jammed with the BMX and Skateboard dew crew. Check out these photos at the park.

The Dew Crew

Focus Sam, you’re losing. Haha!

RC station.

Be sure to bring extra clothes , the course is really wild and muddy.

Papahuli ba ko? Haha

The event will end on Sunday (July 16, 2017) at 10PM so what are you waiting for? Head on over at Dew Nation HQ now and quench your thirst for thrills. Dew Nation HQ is located at Block 57, 25th corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City.

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