Breakout Philippines x St. Peter Life Plan

Ever been in a real life escape room game? Where you will be locked in a theme based room with a group of 2-6 people to use logic, find hints solve challenging puzzles to find out the mystery and escape the room within 45 minutes. Sounds fun right?

Last November 4 me and some of my blogger buddies was invited to try a room called “Corpse Bride” dedicated for the #StPeterxBreakoutPH collab located at Greenbelt 5 level 3. We were scheduled at 4PM but told us to come 30 minutes earlier for the orientation aaaand I was late cause you know, Manila traffic. I’m from the South peeps, please understand. Haha!

Well I guess I don’t need that orientation anymore since I almost cracked Adarna’s Lair, Limbo and actually escaped Hide and Seek­—which is my favourite room so far located at the Paragon Branch. So I kinda know how the game works. #MedyoMayabang #MedyoPalusot


Going back to the Corpse Bride, the story was about a popular dress shop owned by a newlywed couple. They ran their business with passion and their love for each other reflected on each and every dress they created. Then one day the wife got extremely ill and died. Her husband, wilting in his grief, became so uninspired with his craft and soon closed the business. Then the loyal patrons started wondering, why was there no funeral for the wife? What if she is still alive? Where was the husband now?

They led us to the room while blindfolded then after a few secs, the game started. We immediately removed the blindfolds then started searching hastily for clues and after roughly 10 minutes tadaaa! We still haven’t found one Haha easy pala ha! Maybe because we were looking for a laminated card or letter that was used in Limbo and Hide and Seek to provide hints for the players. I’m impressed Breakout, you made sure every room has different feels and gimmicks. Fast forward to when we only have 2 minutes. We’re almost there, I can feel it, we finally opened the last lock and found the last clue then rrrrrrrrriiiing TIME’S UP! So sad, I badly want redemption! I guess this is what every people feels after failing that game.

What I love about this partnership between BreakOut PH and St. Peter plan is that it emphasizes that we should think ahead of time. Admit it, you’ll never know when will be your time right? Not that I’m scaring ya’ll but It’s always, always better to be prepared.

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